Samantha Ko sparks controversy after playing 'banana game' with students

29 January 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Together with other cast members, Samantha Ko recently made an appearance at a primary school in Hong Kong to promote the television drama, Love as a Predatory Affair.

At the promotional event which was held yesterday, the cast interacted with the students and played some games with them, which appeared all fruit and fun until it sparked some brief controversy.

Samantha reportedly had a male student peel off the banana that she held, using his teeth. 

Reporters who were present thought that the game was a little too suggestive, reports Jayne Stars.

However, when asked, fellow cast member Jason Chan said, "It's just eating fruit".

Samantha also added on that she was supposed to do the same thing as well, but could not do so because of her braces.

"Using his teeth to peel the banana made it more challenging. Next time I should suggest he use his feet", added the actress with a laugh.

“But we will reflect on this,” said Samantha, acknowledging the criticisms, while Jason stressed again that it was just a simple game, and asked the reporters to not make things complicated.

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