Samantha Ko leads people to 'fantasise' with bikini photo

27 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Artiste Samantha Ko, known as one of the bustier goddesses, has gradually led people to focus less on her 'career line' and has changed towards the "ability path", showing off her acting skills.

However, once in awhile Samantha would show off her sexiness for her fans. 

Earlier at good friend Kayi Cheung's bachelorette party, she wore a sexy bikini, which greatly showed out her busty body figure, causing many guys to nosebleed.

This time, Samantha shared online a side photo of her wearing shades.

Although her career line can't really be seen distinctly, but seeing her squinting her eyes and intoxicated-like face is enough for people to fantasise about it!

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