Russian punk rocker beheads GF -- then performs sexual act with her severed head

14 March 2016 / 7 months 1 week ago

A Russian punk rocker named Aleksandr U. brutally murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend Viktoria V. in Voronezh Oblast, Russia, last year.

According to The Daily Mail via Asian Town, police discovered the decapitated body of Viktoria and her severed head at the crime scene. 

It is unclear what exactly happened, but reports say 23-year-old Aleksandr also had sex with the head of his girlfriend after killing her. 

The murderous musician is believed to lead a bizarre lifestyle.

He apparently liked dressing up in women's clothes and masturbating. When his friends in the punk band discovered his fetish, they threw him out.

It is also believed that Aleksandr killed Viktoria after she found out he was wearing her clothing and makeup and tried to dump him.

Aleksandr has since been declared insane and is currently being detained indefinitely in a psychiatric institute.

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