Rookie Kpop group member falsely accuses BF of rape to avoid penalties by sponsor

24 January 2016 / 9 months 4 days ago

A Kpop girl group member has been said to have wrongly accused her boyfriend of rape to avoid penalties imposed by her sponsor.

According to allkpop, the police have taken the girl group member 'A' and her sponsor 'B' into custody on Jan 22.

According to the police, on May 15 last year, 'B' beat 'A's boyfriend 'C' multiple times, causing injuries such as rib fractures that will take 4 weeks to heal, and even stole his SIM card from his phone to steal photos of 'A' in 'C's phone. However, after investigation, the police determined that there was no photo worth mentioning in 'C's phone.

'C' sued 'B' for mugging, and on June 25 of last year, in an attempt to cover up her relations with 'B', 'A' accused 'C' of raping her in January.

However, investigations revealed that 'A' and 'C' had been in a relationship, and she wanted to not only cover up her relations with 'B' but also to threaten 'C' with the charges to cancel his charges against 'B'.

The prosecutors said, "Making false accusations and mugging are crimes that are heavily punished. Their intentions were also very bad, so we have taken them into custody for investigation."

'A' has been reported to be a rookie girl group member in her 20s who won her region's beauty pageant as a model.

Any idea who this could be?


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