The Rock’s Fast 8 co-stars are furious over his Facebook rant

17 August 2016 / 2 months 5 days ago

The Rock’s male co-stars in Fast 8 are furious at him after he mocked them on Facebook recently.

In a rather uncharacteristic move by Dwayne Johnson, who’s usually considered the nice guy of Hollywood, he took to Instagram to say his fellow cast were ‘candy asses’ and were too ‘chicken shit’ to do anything about it.

TMZ reports that tensions are running high on the set of the eight instalment of the Fast & Furious franchise after Dwayne’s outburst.

Production sources claiming that his male co-stars are all being hounded by press wanting to know who the rant was aimed at.

The celebrity gossip site went on to say that according to their sources that Vin Diesel was the focal point of his tirade, reports UniLad.

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They claim that the pair held a crisis meeting on the set, with sources saying their rift was even affecting production.

Both male and female co-stars also showed their dismay at the situation, considering the fact the filming wraps up in 10 days and as one put it: “This is a hell of a way to end it.”

During filming, another source told the site that there had been conflicts purely because of ‘extreme egos’ among the A-list cast, though none of them felt the very public criticism was appropriate.

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