Real-life action hero: Jamie Foxx pulls drunk driver out of burning truck

24 January 2016 / 9 months 2 days ago

Jamie Foxx moved his action from reel to real life when he pulled a drunk driver out of a burning vehicle on Monday, Jan 18.

According to Acidcow, Jamie Foxx heard a loud bang in his front yard in Los Angeles that night and he discovered that a drunk driver had flipped his truck over.

The truck had burst into flames.

Foxx immediately called 911 then rushed to the scene of the accident.

Upon seeing the burning wreck and realising the driver was still strapped into his seat, Jamie thought quickly and decided to unbuckle the man and drag him around 30 feet away from the scene for fear the car may explode. 

He then rescued the man from the burning truck, pulled him to safety and waited with him until the police arrived. 

He is no stranger to doing his own stunts, and had to step in and film several scenes on a horse for 'Django Unchained' after the stuntman fell off. 

Speaking about the stunts previously, Jamie said: "Check out the scene where I have to ride bareback - that was real. I'm from Texas and have my own horse, a female horse called Cheetah. I had to learn all the tricks and stunts."

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