Raymond Lam slams marriage rumours and says 'our work comes first'

26 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Marriage rumors are ringing for Raymond Lam and Karena Ng, who are entering their third year as a couple.

Rumors say that Karena has been pressuring Raymond to tie the knot, but Raymond had put these rumors to rest at the EEG 15th Anniversary Glamorous Concert held in Macau on August 22, expressing that the media has been pressuring him more than Karena, reports Jayne Stars

“No,” Raymond said firmly.

“The media is too caught up with this. Right now, our work comes first. My schedule is full until the end of next year!”

Asking if the couple have discussed about marriage plans, Raymond said,

“No. But so people can stop asking me about it, I’ll say this—I hope that I would still have the energy to play sports with my kids. That is the goal!”

Are they planning to get married next year? “I will not say anything because I don’t know myself!”

Mentioning that his cousin, Rosina Lin, managed to hide her relationship from the public and got married in a secret wedding, Raymond said that he too was shocked at Rosina decision to get married so soon.

“I wasn’t notified until last minute, but I’m very happy for her! Congratulations!”

Will Raymond also be getting married in a secretive manner like Rosina? “This is something I should share with my family.”

Both Raymond and Karena will be going to South Korea soon for work. While Karena will be there to film a movie, Raymond will be there for music-related activities.

“I heard from the news that [North Korea and South Korea] tensions are pretty high there. I hope everything will be fine!”

Raymond shared that he will be holding a concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum next April.

“My new album is almost finished. What’s left are the music videos.”

Raymond added that the filming schedule in Korea will be extremely difficult.

“We’re going to film all day and night. It will be quite an experience.”

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