Raymond Lam and young GF Karena Ng spotted shopping for household items for new love nest

4 October 2015 / 1 year 3 weeks ago

Despite their 14-year age difference, 35-year-old Raymond Lam and 21-year-old Kareng Ng (吳千語) have maintained a stable relationship for more than three years.

Although there has been much speculation on an impending marriage, the couple has continued to deny the rumors.

Raymond once admitted that he hoped to have children soon and did not deny the possibility of marriage, reports Jayne Stars

“I won’t share my marriage with everyone. People will find out when they do.

"I will not purposely announce my wedding. I am a very traditional person. I hope that when my child is ten years old, I still have the energy to play basketball and soccer with them. This is my goal.”

Turning 36 years old in December, it appears that marriage may be right around the corner for Raymond.

Recently, the couple was spotted shopping at a furniture store and purchasing a large refrigerator and oven in preparation for their new love nest! 

Upon sighting reporters, the couple remained calm and explained that they often shop for kitchen gadgets due to their love for cooking.

At an event yesterday, Karena again responded to the incident, “We were just looking and didn’t buy anything. We like to cook, so we always go and check out new ovens.”

She further explained that the couple currently has no plans for marriage.

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