Rapper tries to kiss Britney Spears on stage and gets shot down on live TV

29 August 2016 / 10 months 19 hours ago

A rapper named G-Eazy apparently thought he could try to kiss pop queen Britney Spears spears on stage at the 2016 VMAs -- but what happened was he got shot down on live TV for all to see. 

In the video, he put his hand on Britney's face and attempted to pull her in, only to have her stop him.

She shook his head at him and pulled his hand away, all the while still maintaining professionalism as they performed the song.

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He would have gotten away with it thanks to Britney's discretion but eagle-eyed viewers did not miss what was happening.

Complex Mag tweeted, "Did we just witness a curve on national TV?"

A 'curve' refers to someone countering or rejecting another's advances, according to Urban Dictionary.

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