Rainie Yang makes dramatic comeback to TV after 5 years

4 May 2016 / 5 months 2 weeks ago

Five years after starring in idol drama, Sunny Girl, Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang is making her return to the small screen.

She will be starring in Roseleaf Bramble which is part of a eight-drama series that will span 52 episodes and begin airing in August, reports Jayne Stars.

Roseleaf Bramble is scheduled to begin broadcast in October and will consist of six episodes.

Rainie was so passionate about being involved in Roseleaf Bramble that she begged her management company to suspend her current projects and reportedly even turned down an offer to appear in a Chinese production that would have paid her 110 million NTD.

She shared that Chung Hsin-Ling was one of the reasons she accepted the role: 

“I went to see [Hsin-Ling] after she gave birth to her second child. We just happened to talk about how much I admire Mag Hsu’s screenplays. Then, not even a month after that, I received the offer.”

Rainie also talked about why she had stayed away from dramas for so long:

“I wasn’t willing to go in this direction,” Rainie explained, adding that she wanted to diversify her acting repertoire. “You can’t stay with a similar type of role just because you think viewers will like that. Viewers also have expectations of us.”

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