Racy photos of Yuri Chan surface online after breakup scandal with King Kong

28 April 2016 / 6 months 10 hours ago

TVB actor, King Kong Lee recently announced his breakup with his girlfriend of three years, Yuri Chan.

According to Hong Kong media via Asian Pop News, Yuri has not been able to accept their breakup yet. When asked to respond on her breakup, she immediately broke into tears. She also said that King Kong still had his personal belongings at their apartment.

Reports said that King Kong had initiated a breakup a year ago, but Yuri refused to accept it. She reportedly even threatened him with suicide. As King Kong did not wish to hurt his girlfriend, he tolerated it for a year, before requesting a breakup again.

King Kong revealed that during their relationship, they quarrelled all the time due to incompatible personalities. King Kong apparently found Yuri to be very clingy, and that he had not attended their friends’ gatherings with her for a while.

Yuri has since responded on her Instagram, and admitted that they had broken up in April.

She said, “I initially hoped to give ourselves some time to calm down before announcing it to public. I was very shocked by the sudden news, but I have to respect his decision. I hope that my respond will minimise the impact on everyone.”

“I wish him a successful career, and I thank my family and friends for their concern. I am doing well. Please do not worry. I will focus on my career in future and work even harder. Please support me. Thank you!”

Racy photos of her have also been circulating online ever since news reports of her breakup broke.

Check out the pictures compiled by ViralCham below.

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