Priscilla Wong wants to give a ring to her BF Edwin Siu -- and 3 others

1 March 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Priscilla Wong attended a jewellery brand event and disclosed that her boyfriend Edwin Siu usually gave her small gifts.

"Edwin will buy it even in the plane and I use a small box to keep it. It is simple and his taste is not bad."

"I will wear it and some are floral designs. I also know his sister chooses some gifts based on the design and taste.

"I wish to give rings to him, Raymond Cho, Power Chan and Wayne Lai as representation of their friendship.

Are the gifts given from Edwin expensive?
"Some are normal and expensive. I told him not to give me expensive gifts and the value is not important."

Did he give you a ring? 
No, but I want to give it to him instead."

Asian E-News Portal reports that when told that White Valentine's Day is on 14 March, Priscilla said:

"I will be filming series with Edwin and facing him all day long. We act as couple and it is a different feeling as I treat him badly in the series. I feel guilty as if unfaithful to him."

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