Princess Jasmine's new 'conservative' look at Disneyland causes huge uproar

18 September 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

Disneyland has unveiled a whole new look for Princess Jasmine -- and people are NOT happy with the happiest place on Earth.

A tweet showed Aladdin's Jasmine before and after the costume re-design, unveiling a much more covered-up and conservative Jasmine.

Gone is her mid-riff baring outfit.

It's unclear what the official reason behind Jasmine's costume change is, 

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According to Movie Pilot, some observers have speculated many reasons for Jasmine's change of outfit, with Inside The Magic stating:

Jasmine is now dressed in a one-piece pants and dress combo that definitely gives the character some more coverage, which could have been the reason for the change.

Some rumours point to complaints from guests of Jasmine’s very revealing outfit, while others say it’s just part of the costume re-design that previous Disney princesses in the parks have received."

Other sites indicate that the costume change might be because Jasmine often got catcalled or harassed by male park-goers. 

Naturally, this got a lot of reaction. Others were unhappy that it would now look different from the classics, while others thought the modest outfit would be more true to Arabic culture.

Others felt that children would want to see the Jasmine from the cartoon. 

People also expressed unhappiness that a woman had to make changes for men who could not 'control their urges'.

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