Plus-size model sheds over 90kg after flight attendant tells her to buy 2 seats on plane

6 November 2015 / 11 months 3 weeks ago

Images via: Rosie Mercado Facebook

Three and half years ago, plus-size model Rosie Mercado was getting plenty of attention for her stunning facial features – but she was often overlooked for jobs because of her 165cm (65-inch hips).

Mercado weighed 186kg and had appeared on beauty pageants and reality TV show Curvy Girls in 2011 but the model was having other issues on top of difficulties booking jobs.

Her family life suffered as she had to hire nannies to take her children to Disneyland and the mother-child relationship broke down.

But it was when Mercado was taking a flight from Las Vegas to New York was when her world crashed.

According to a report in TheLadBible via online sources, a flight attendant told Mercado that she’d have to buy a second seat because she wouldn’t fit into one. 

Mercado was left in tears but decided to make a change in her life: “I made some very poor choices, opting for fast food and supersize fries rather than fruits and vegetables. My health was low priority and it was affecting everything I did.”

A few months after the airline incident, she signed up to a self-help course and began to fight her urges for the first time.

She is now 95kg (210lbs), and is needs to lose 9.5kg (21lbs) to reach her target weight. Her waist has gone from 121cm.

“It has not been the easiest journey and I’ve had my ups and downs but when I compare my quality of life now to how it used to be, I know it was worth it,” she said.

Mercado has been able to take her children to Disneyland and, and modelling work has started rolling in after she signed for True Model Management in spring last year.

“When I was larger, I just wasn’t leading the lifestyle I wanted. Now I couldn’t be happier, “ she said.

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