Photo of Alvin Chau and pregnant mistress Mandy Lieu leaked online

8 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Mandy Lieu, mistress to the Macau casino tycoon Alvin Chau, was rumoured to be pregnant with the couple's second child. 

A recently-leaked photo seems to prove this as it shows a very pregnant Mandy holding a smiling Alvin's arm, reports JayneStarz.

They are sitting on a sofa and posing behind a table filled with baby toys.

The photo was a private Instagram post shared by Mandy’s assistant.

It had the caption, “Dear, we’re all so excited to meet the little one soon, so happy to see [you] like the gifts! Congrats again and I’m so happy for [you] both.”

Alvin and Mandy first child is a one-year-old baby girl who was born in London in May 2015.

Reporters approached Mandy’s former assistant about the pregnancy news.

When asked, her ex-assistant said, “She hasn’t told me anything. That photo was taken last week when I visited her.”

Alvin and Mandy’s extramarital affair is well-documented by the Hong Kong press.

Alvin was still married to businesswoman Heidi Chu when his affair with Mandy was exposed in 2014.

Although slammed by friends and family, Alvin maintained a relationship with Mandy.

But he also allegedly refused to let go of his wife.

However, in late December 2015, when Heidi filed for divorce.

Alvin has an older son from a previous wife, as well as two daughters with Heidi.

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