Philip Ng turns down girl who tried to kiss him in a club

21 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

Martial arts actor Philip Ng is now back in Hong Kong after shooting a film with Vanness Wu in the United States.

A few early mornings ago, the paparazzi spotted Philip hanging out at a club in Central.

The paps captured Philip chatting amicably with an unknown woman.

As time went on, the woman moved closer to Philip until they were almost hugging.

She touched his chest and his cheeks, reports JayneStars.

Then, as reported, the woman tried to kiss Philip in the cheeks.

Surprised by her sudden affections, Philip immediately pushed himself away from the woman.

He hastily gave her his phone number and then left the club with his friends.

A while later, Philip was seen at a different bar, but only with male friends.

He sat a corner and surrounded himself with his friends.

Philip and a male friend left the bar at around three in the morning.

After seeing his friend off, Philip hailed a taxi and left for home.

Philip Ng
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