Oops! Did Nicholas Tse accidentally blurt out Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s wedding date?

19 February 2016 / 8 months 1 week ago

After multiple attempts to keep their wedding details under wraps, it seems like Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu has been exposed by co-star Nicholas Tse.

Last month, the couple were spotted at Auckland Airport in New Zealand by a netizen.

It was later reported that they were there for their wedding shoot, as Cecilia is a huge fan of New Zealand's scenery.

Photos of the pair posing in their wedding attire were also leaked, but the couple remained tight-lipped about the actual date of the ceremony.

In a recent press conference for an upcoming reality TV series Lady Bees, reporters took the opportunity to question Nicky  about his wedding date.

Nicholas Tse, who was present for co-starring with Wu blurted out, "5th of March!".

His reaction was said to have rendered a crushing shoulder hug by Wu who was in shock, reports Jayne Stars.

Nicholas quickly clarified that he was only trying to promote the show's premier date, but a reporter reminded him that the show actually premiers on 12 Mar.

With earlier reports on the couple's plans to hold their wedding in March, it seems like Nicholas' suggestion can be taken with a pinch of salt.

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