No longer an actress? Christine Kuo seen wiping tables and serving customers at restaurant

15 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

TVB reportedly recited "Under Show" (not enough event appearances) and sought 6-digit-sum of compensation from her.

When Christine first joined showbiz, she was a fast rising star and was romantically rumoured with Kevin Cheng and Aaron Kwok.

Due to her popularity, she was cast in many dramas, and has many event appearances, reports Asian Pop News

At the peak of her career two years ago, Christine suddenly suffered from hypothyroidism and has since been battling with her weight gain.

Due to her weight issue, she was given lesser roles, and her event appearances also decreased significantly.

After several discussions, TVB eventually relented and extended her contract in the form of long leave.

Christine's contract will officially end in October. During this time, TVB gives her time to consider her options, and hopes that Christine will return to the TV station in her best form.

Christine has not made her decision yet as she has not recovered from her illness. recently, Christine was also seen at a dim sum restaurant in a mall at Tsim Sha Sui.

She reportedly has opened a dim sum restaurant with her friend and hopes to create a new career opportunity while her acting career is stagnate.

Casting aside her celebrity status, she was seen serving the customers, wiping tables and setting the tables. Images via:

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