Niki Chow caught having 'secret meeting' with mystery guy for 3 hours

29 November 2015 / 11 months 3 days ago

A few days ago, Niki was seen driving her car at the North Point, Hong Kong.

After parking her car, she stayed in her car for 15 minutes. It seemed like she was waiting for someone, reports Asian Pop News.

Shortly after, a man who was dressed fashionably walked towards her car, and Niki got down her car. After waiting for the man to park his car, the duo walked together to a restaurant for a meal.

After three hours, Niki and the man walked out, and went to retrieve their cars. The duo was seen chatting happily.

Along the way, Niki leaned closer to the man. At one point, Niki almost held the man’s arms until a passerby walked past, and they quickly kept a distance.

Niki has not responded on her new romance. Every since she broke up with Jeremy, she has been focusing her career in China. Her posts on Weibo were mostly related to work, and she is very careful about posting photos with her male co-stars.

Niki Chow, TVB
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