Netizens say Angelababy had plastic surgery after her drastic appearance change

3 October 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Viral photos of an allegedly-pregnant Angelababy's sudden change in facial structure have caused widespread speculation that the actress had undergone plastic surgery. 

Some of the photos indicate Angelababy's unusually round belly while others point out the drastic shift in her facial features, like her cheekbone and cheeks. 

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Earlier this year, The Straits Times reported that the actress has never undergone plastic surgery. 

The article wrote that Angelababy went through a prelimary medical examination that had been required in Angelababy's defamation complaint against Chinese plastic surgery clinic Ruili to end rumours. 

Despite the drastic measure to fight plastic surgery rumours, netizens are still accusing the Hongkong beauty of going under the knife. 

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