Netizens can’t stop ‘worshipping’ Suzy after she shares sultry selfies

29 February 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

Netizens were in awe of Suzy’s beauty after she shared some sultry selfies on Instagram.

Clad in a maroon dress, the star showed off her flawless skin and rosy cheeks in photos that made fans go crazy.

Some even went on to say that she is not human but a goddess, reports Koreaboo via Pann.

One Commented: “She got even prettier losing weight…. and aging…. What is her limitation to being beautiful? This is why people call her a Goddess. I agree that she is number one.”

While another said: “Suzy I don’t know why you keep using these filters but I hope you use brighter filters like this one too <3 I love you <3.”

One avid fan wrote: “She is so unique… She is the only idol I worship in front of my boyfriend. Her aura and everything is so beautiful... I thought she was finally becoming a woman but she is actually becoming a Goddess…”

Check out her photos in the gallery below. 

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