Natalie Tong "always gets raped" in scenes

18 November 2015 / 11 months 2 weeks ago

In episode 19 of Lord of Shanghai, Natalie Tong’s character Chi-ching gets raped by a very intoxicated Chak Kam-tong, who is played by Kent Tong.

She runs out of the bedroom in tears and tries to commit suicide, but is stopped by Kenneth Ma’s Kiu Ngo-tin, reports Jaynestars.

Netizens who watched the Saturday episode said their hearts ached for Natalie, and also praised the actress for making a convincing performance.

But the terrifying episode also made netizens realize one thing—this isn’t the first time where Natalie portrays a character that gets sexually assaulted.

In the 2010 martial arts drama A Fistful of Stances, Natalie gets raped by Eric Li, and her eye-opening performances in the scenes regarding the rape’s aftermath was what got her to win TVB’s Most Improved Actress in 2010.

Two years later, Natalie portrayed a rape victim again for the television drama Bullet Brain as her character gets assaulted byNgo Ka-nin.

All three of these series are costume period dramas that take place in the post-Qing era of Chinese history.

Netizens marvelled at the coincidence, joking that Natalie has now become very experienced in doing those scenes. However, Natalie fans insisted that only three of Natalie’s roles were rape victims—she has portrayed dozens of different characters throughout the span of her 13-year acting career, most notably as a real estate agent (2006’s At Home With Love and 2012’s No Good Either Way).

But netizens are very supportive of Natalie, agreeing that she has a shot at competing for Best Supporting Actress at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards. 

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