Myolie Wu's BF fell in love with her after seeing this photo on Facebook

5 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Although dating entrepreneur Philip Lee for only nine months, Myolie Wu is full of praises and sees him as marriage material.

Meeting through a good friend at a party, Phil had actually fallen in love with Myolie after seeing her bikini picture. 

Happily in love, Myolie shared the story of how she met Phil for the first time, reports Jayne Stars

Last summer, the actress went on a cruise with good friends Nancy Wu and Paisley Wu, and posted many bikini photos on her Weibo blog.

One of Myolie’s female friends shared that photo on Facebook and Phil immediately asked the mutual friend to introduce him to Myolie after finding her to be extremely “hot”.

Although Myolie thought Phil was quite handsome after seeing his Facebook photo, she rejected the invitation to meet up with him.

Three months later, the pair finally met for the first time at the mutual friend’s birthday dinner.  

After Myolie arrived at the party, the friend secretly texted Phil to ask him to come as well.

Myolie recalled, “I saw him walk in as soon as I lifted my head – it’s kind of like love at first sight.”

Myolie had previously praised Phil for being an extremely caring and sensitive boyfriend.

The actress expressed, “No matter what happens, he doesn’t leave my side.

He said, ‘I’m his pride.’”

With wedding rumors flying through the air, Myolie has kept quiet about the possibility of tying the knot this December.

Myolie did not directly deny the speculations and only said she does not know when they will get married.

Myolie Wu
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