Myolie Wu travels the world with new hubby -- while ex-BF Bosco Wong goes through 'hell'

1 February 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

While newlyweds Myolie Wu and Philip Lee are travelling the world for their honeymoon, former boyfriend Bosco Wong is not having the best time. 

According to Jaynestars, the difference is like 'heaven and hell' for the former 'Boscolie' couple. 

While Myolie is having the time of her life sharing cute photos on social media, Bosco is drowning himself with work, mingling with new friends in various parties.

The Hong Kong paparazzi noticed that Bosco attended many private parties with friends during his free time and freely gave out his phone number to the new female friends he met in Hangzhou, China, where he is shotting his new Chinese drama.

Bosco is also coping with the recent death of his father.

Bosco and Myolie have maintained that they are still good friends after the breakup, and Myolie even invited Bosco to her December wedding. However, Bosco had to skip out on all celebrations when his father passed away on December 15.

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