Myolie Wu hasn't 'interviewed' parents about BF -- but knows that they'll approve of him

8 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Myolie Wu has been shooting the promotional trailers for her upcoming TVB drama Every Step You Take, a series about a blind woman who regains confidence from her boyfriend and a guide dog.

In the series, Myolie worked with a guide dog in training, and the two developed a close relationship, reports Jayne Stars.

Myolie is happy to be reunited with the dog for the promotional shoot.

“He’s graduated now, and he already has a new owner and a new job.”

Although Myolie’s management contract with TVB has already ended, she will remain committed for the promotions of Every Step You Take, which will be premiering on August 31.

She will also be back to promote her last TVB drama Lord of Shanghai when it airs sometime at the end of the year.

Myolie, her parents, and her boyfriend Philip Lee were recently spotted at a wedding shop.

“Philip and I aren’t getting married,” Myolie quickly clarified.

She explained that she is currently trying to get her bridal gown business up and running.

Asking if her parents approve of Philip, Myolie said,

“I never interviewed them, but I think they’re okay about it. He is a trustworthy selection.”

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