Myolie Wu blacklisted by TVB after refusing to renew contract

23 September 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Myolie Wu has officially joined Stephen Shiu Jr.’s Company, GME China. Rumours said that she was offered a HK$24 million 3-year contract.

Rumours also circulated that TVB had been trying to retain Myolie, and TVB Chairman Charles Chan was said to counter offered HK$36 million to Myolie. However, Myolie was unmoved with the increment and still decided to leave TVB.

Her move was said to have angered Charles Chan, who reportedly had instructed to blacklist Myolie. All publicity events for Myolie’s new drama, Every Step You Take have been stopped. Myolie was also told that she was not needed to promote TVB anniversary drama, Lord Of Shanghai.

Responding on the reports, Myolie said, “TVB has its policies, and I understand it. I don’t mind it.”

Asked on her decision to end her 16 years’ relationship with her former TV station, Myolie said, “This was not an easy decision, especially the ex-company has a new direction and proposed a new option for me. However, my new boss is very sincere and he thinks highly of me. We are also able to communicate well, and we share the same ideas. This is more valuable than money.”

Myolie also said that her boyfriend, Philip had given her advice on her career direction. “My boyfriend is more mature than me, and he is older than me. He reminded me what I was supposed to do for my next step. He has really helped me a lot in this aspect and assisted me to make a rational choice. I am lucky to have him.”

When asked on her wedding rumours, Myolie said, “I just signed a new company, and will focus on my work first.”

Myolie is expected to film a mainland drama in November, and she will also start filming new movie next year.

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Myolie Wu
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