My first ever celebrity concert -- listening to a band that I have never heard of

26 November 2015 / 11 months 6 days ago


This is not one of those jargon-filled concert reviews where I pretend like I know what I am talking about. You can find those on many other websites by experts who actually know their stuff.

I have no singing talent or musical background to boast of, and my knowledge of the entertainment industry goes as far as to how Kim Kardashian named her baby North West.

In fact, I have never been to any celebrity concerts in all my 22 years of life. I guess I just never liked any artistes enough or be so familiar with all their works, such that I would be willing to pay hundreds of dollars to watch them live.

Who would have thought that my very first one would be by a band that formed when I wasn't even born yet (1977, to be exact)?

I will not lie about how I have heard of Dep Leppard and its five members: Lead vocalist Joe Elliot, guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell, bassist Rick "Sav" Savage and drummer Rick Allen. Because I haven't, until now.

I will not act like I am a longtime fan of their rock music, because honestly, I only started listening to their songs the weekend before they were due to arrive in Singapore for a press conference that I was attending.

I will not rave about how the English rock band drove a 7,000-strong crowd wild with their iconic hits during their concert at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre on Nov 24, because that's what nearly every reviewer would feel obligated to say.

But I can tell you what I do know.

I can tell you how impressed I was as Joe Elliot's vocals rang out powerfully throughout the 90-minute show, and wondered how he even still had the stamina to change outfits in seconds for the next song.

I can tell you how inspired I was upon seeing Rick Allen steal the show on his drum set, despite playing with only one arm. And even more so by his brave decision to continue performing with the band after a tragic accident in 1984 that cost him the loss of his left arm.

I can tell you how I told myself, "I want to look this good when I'm in my 50s," as I watched a shirtless Phil Collen handle his guitar like a natural with his abs on full display.

I can also tell you how he is one of the nicest and down-to-earth artistes ever, who treated the press like a friend and answered all our questions, like he understood that we were just doing our job.

You know what else I realised?

That instead of trying to get a good shot with your camera, choosing what to post on social media or worrying over what to write in your article, sometimes all you need to do is to simply sit back and appreciate the music. What really matters is that you enjoy yourself. And I certainly did.


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