More sizzling hot pictures from Snow Suen's photobook that will make you sweat

30 August 2016 / 8 months 3 weeks ago

Snow Suen (孫慧雪) has been promoting her new photobook which is currently selling like hotcakes.

She was overjoyed at the sales of her book and said: "Printed 3,000 copies and still selling it now. The bookshop in Mong Kok sold more than 100 copies in two weeks weeks and it is the best result so far.

"(Saying goodbye to the photo album world next year?) Nope. The photo album is named 'Once' and there will be more details if I release another one.

"(What is your next level of sexiness?) I will continue in the same direction as before and will not become sexier just for a photo album."

Snow also disclosed that her boyfriend has complete trust in her, reported Asian E-News Portal.

"He does not bother about my job and I will ditch him if he controls me. He trusts me, knows I am sensible and says the more important thing is the quality of my photo album."

Check out all the pictures from Snow's photobook in the gallery.

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