Model looks like Angelina Jolie -- but is shunned by both men and women

27 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Veronika Black, a 27-year-old from Vancouver, Canada, is always showered with compliments about her striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

However, according to DailyMail via AsianTown, she is never approached by men -- who are intimidated by her.

Veronika said: 'I've been single for over a year now after a five-year relationship ended, and I'd love to meet someone special. But to be honest, I think I scare men off. Men seem to be intimidated by the way I look.

'Sometimes men get really nervous and start shaking when I talk to them, which is weird as I'm a nice person and there's definitely nothing to be scared of.

Only creeps will try and chat me up, and they'll be really rude and aggressive when I say I'm not interested. No normal, respectable guys are ever keen, but I'm too shy to approach men myself.'

She first attracted resemblanced to Angelina in 2011, after she began injecting her lips with fillers.

Veronika said: 'It happened overnight. I was working as a shop assistant at the time, and I was just a regular girl on the tills, but suddenly people mistook me for Angelina Jolie. It was bizarre, but Angelina is absolutely gorgeous so I was obviously flattered too.'

The compliments were a welcome boost for Veronika, who says she was taunted by school bullies for being 'ugly' and 'flat-chested'.

Veronika said: 'The bullying started when I was eight and lasted until I left high school at 18. Along with being flat-chested, I also had really frizzy hair and was chubby. I definitely had an awkward phase.

'I never got invited to parties, and was constantly being told that no boy would ever want me. None of the guys at school showed any interest and I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 18.'

In a bid to feel more confident about herself, Veronika splashed out £7K (about S$15,000) on two breast augmentations to take her to an impressive 32J.

She now works out at the gym every day and waist-trains to keep her perfect size eight figure.

But her stunning looks have attracted jealousy from other women, who fear Veronika will steal their man -- just as Angelina was reported to have done to Jennifer Aniston back in 2005.

Veronika said: 'I only have a few girlfriends, which is sad as I'm actually a really nice person and quite shy. I'm definitely not a man-eater. I've only had a couple of boyfriends, and I'd never cheat or approach a married man.'

Whilst she receives hundreds of 'likes' for her selfies on Instagram and Facebook, she claims that looking like Angie can have its drawbacks.

Determined not to let her sexy image get in the way of finding love, Veronika says she is holding out for Mr Right.

She added: 'I'm enjoying being single but I'd love to settle down and start a family one day. I just want to find my Brad Pitt.'

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