Model, 18, is so pretty that netizens think she has 'devious agenda' for offering private tuition

11 January 2016 / 9 months 2 weeks ago

Though being only 18 years of age, Qistina Enara Haris has decided to take the independent route by earning her own pocket money by offering home tuition instead of relying on her family for an allowance.

The offer for home tuition by the Kirkby International College student, who is currently pursuing a degree in English, has snowballed and gone viral on social media -- so much that netizens who see her advertisement think that she has a more ‘devious’ agenda. 

When asked why she wanted to teach home tuition, Qistina responded by saying that she is doing so to earn herself some allowance and to fund her college tuition fees.

The independent girl said that she does not want to burden her family by asking them for money and feels bad every time she does so, reports The Coverage.

"My mother after all, is a single mother and the sole provider for my family. The money she saves by not having to give me any allowance can be used to support the rest of my siblings who are still studying and lighten her burden tenfold," said Qistina.

Besides offering affordable home tuition, Qistina also gives kids who come from financially poor families a special discount for her tutoring services.

However, despite her honest intentions of being a home tutor, her motives are misunderstood by netizens because of her beauty.

"Beauty may be a gift, but I have no intentions of attracting attention from others. I just want to help people gain a better quality of education."

Unknown to many, Qistina is also a considerably popular actress and model.

She has told media that she does not divulge those bits of information about herself in case her advertisements for home tutoring services attract someone with a deviant agenda.

"I will only accept sincere students who are serious about their studies. Know that I’m not kidding around and that my intentions are sincere. Please respect my honest intentions of being a home tutor."

Qistina offers home tutoring services to Primary 1-Form 5 students and for the following subjects: English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, Physics, Add Maths & History.

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