Miss Hong Kong 2016 to feature 50 instead of 20 participants

15 May 2016 / 5 months 1 week ago

The annual Miss Hong Kong Pageant has become a preferred means for TVB to find new talent. In an effort to increase viewership ratings and promote new actresses, TVB decided to expand the pageant pool from 20 to 50 participants this year. 

According to Jaynestars, to attract more applicants, the company will also be recruiting potential candidates from overseas. Several TVB representatives will travel to Canada to recruit applicants in June.

Furthermore, this year’s contestants will be traveling to popular tourist locations for filming, including Japan and South Korea. Many popular Japanese and Korean celebrities will also be invited to join the judging panel.

Former 2013 Miss Hong Kong first runner-up and current TVB actress, Sisley Choi, voiced her support for the new plan.

“It’s a good thing. I’m greedy, because this way, there would be more pretty girls to look at. Back then, there were only 20 contestants, which limited other beauties from participating.

"Now, there will be more opportunities for the contestants to represent themselves. Different locations have different standards of beauty. The winners will definitely be high quality.”

2013 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, Moon Lau, also expressed her excitement over the new changes.

“Having so many contestants is a good thing. It gives the audience more choices. They will enjoy watching the show more too.

"Right now, Japan and Korea are very popular, so filming at these locations will make for good entertainment. Having Japanese and Korean celebrities being judges will give us the opportunity to see some celebrities too.”

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