Miley Cyrus blasts people who judge her -- with these epic comments

11 August 2015 / 1 year 2 months ago

Miley Cyrus doesn't want to be a "conventional role model".
The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker has insisted she "doesn't care" about being a traditional role model for young people to look up to.
When asked why she created the Happy Hippie Foundation, she told Marie Claire magazine: "A lot of us are born into some s**t, you know what I mean? Lately, I've been talking a lot about my being gender-fluid and gender-neutral.
"And some people snarl at that. They want to judge me. People need more conventional role models, I guess. But I just don't care to be that person."
And the 22-year-old beauty previously insisted she was a "good role model" when it comes to teaching others not to judge their peers.
She said: "I'm not the way that people try to make me seem ... I don't go around just trashing hotel rooms and partying, that I'm actually working on, you know, music that I love and being involved in things that I love.
"I can actually say I am [a good role model] for what I know of what is important to teach people - and what is important to teach people is that ... you can't judge other people."
See more photos of the controversial Miley Cyrus in the gallery below and decide for yourself if she will make a good role model

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