Michelle Ye takes a bullet for Monica Mok in new wartime drama -- but it hits her in the buttocks

19 March 2016 / 7 months 6 days ago

New wartime romantic drama Rhodedendron will soon air on Shanghai TV starring Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye and Mainland Chinese stars Monica Mok and Lawrence Wang.

Michelle recently recalled instances from the filming in 2014 in an article on JayneStars.

One scene stood out in particular:

“I was supposed to block a bullet for Monica Mok, but the bullet ended up hitting my buttocks. 

"I had to lie on the floor for an entire day, and it was very wet and cold…. It was an extremely big challenge for my physical strength.”

Another challenge she faced while filming was not using a body double.

It may have caused unnecessary trouble, her attitude gained the admiration of her co-stars.

Rhododendron continues through the liberation of Shanghai in 1949 until the induction of the Chinese Economic Reform program in 1978.

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