Michelle Ye blasts woman suspected to be BF's ex with these scathing remarks

16 October 2015 / 1 year 1 week ago

Source: JayneStars

Since Michelle Ye announced her relationship with image stylist, Mr. Xiao Mo, the couple has continued to share their dating moments all over social media. For the Mid-Autumn Festival, the couple celebrated with romantic strolls on the streets of Paris.

However, an anonymous source has dug up some juicy gossip on Mr. Xiao Mo. Without directly referencing any names, the source hinted that Mr. Xiao Mo’s ex-girlfriend exposed him as a playboy who has broken many hearts throughout his dating history.

Michelle immediately responded to the gossip with a scathing rebuttal on her Weibo, “A woman who has broken up because of her flaws needs to reflect on what she has to improve on. That’s the only way she can find happiness. Unfortunately, she often fails to realize that about herself, and travels further down the path of darkness. She is even capable of spreading nasty gossip to earn sympathy for herself!”

Michelle then addressed Mr Xiao Mo in her post, “You are so wonderful for having maintained your silence, a true gentleman! Love you!”

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