Meifen Chen admits to matchmaking Ruby Lin and Jerry Yan, reveals more juicy details

1 January 2016 / 9 months 4 weeks ago

Jerry Yan was spotted returning home with Ruby Lin after a meal gathering with Pauline Lan and Meifen Chen (also known as Chen Meifeng). This led to speculations if Jerry and Ruby are an item.

The duo has since dismissed the rumours, stating that Jerry was simply visiting Vic Chou who stayed at the same apartment building with Ruby.

It is understood that Taiwanese veteran host, Meifen is playing a matchmaker to link Jerry and Ruby. Meifen has admitted trying to matchmake the duo together, reports Asian Pop News.

She said that Ruby is a very attentive and lively girl, and her productions are very popular in Taiwan and China. On the other hand, Jerry is busy filming in China, and often travels to Japan to meet up with his fans there.

Meifen thinks that the duo looks compatible, and since both are still single, she arranged for a meal gathering to introduce them two years ago.

Meifen shared that Jerry and Ruby are starting to warm up, and often chats about topics related to drama productions. She hopes that Jerry will have more friends in Taiwan.

On that day when they were photographed, Meifen was not able to send Ruby home. She said, “Jerry is a man, so I asked him to help to send her home.”

Asked if the duo had met up for meals privately, Meifen said, “They are getting more familiar. I’m not sure if they met up privately.”

When asked if she hoped that Jerry and Ruby would be an item, Meifen laughed and said, “Actually, I did throw the question to them during the meal. I hope that they have the chance to work together, and they both said yes. It depends on their fate. Of course, I hope [they would be together]. I will give them my fullest blessings!”

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