A-Mei falls on stage at Jody Chiang's concert after wearing 8-inch heels

25 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

Yesterday, A-Mei fell on the stage right in front of thousands of audience at Jody Chiang’s concert.

According to asianpopnews, the 43-year-old aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer was invited as a guest singer at Jody’s concert. During a performance of a fast track, A-Mei slipped and landed on her bum as she was wearing an 8-inch high heels.

Although the audience were all shocked, A-Mei on the other hand, laughed uncontrollably at her fall.

She was immediately helped by Jody after she fell down.

A-Mei also poked fun at herself, “I have sung more than 500 shows, and have not fallen once. Actually, I arranged it. I have to steal the show at the final concert.”

A-Mei also laughed and said she believed her stage tumble video and photos would be circulated on the web.

She said, “Can you all please circulate nicer photos?”

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