Mandy Wong injures co-star Winston Tsang: 'He was bleeding so much I cried!'

16 June 2016 / 4 months 1 week ago

Mandy Wong was in tears after accidentally injuring her co-star on the set of 'Three Women, One Gene'.

Jaynestars reports that the TVB actress, who plays a woman with dissociative identity disorder in the series, accidentally injured Winston Tsang in the eye during a fight scene.

“I accidentally hit him in the corner of his eye, and he immediately started bleeding,” she said.

“He was bleeding so much. I felt so bad I cried!”

Three Women, One Gene stars Mandy Wong as a woman suffering from DID.

She has three distinctively personalities, and each identity is involved with three different male characters. In the aforementioned fight scene, Winston plays a thief who is trying to mug her boyfriend Jason Chan, but Mandy stops Winston by attacking him with her elbow.

Due to Mandy’s inexperience in fight scenes, she couldn’t control her own speed, and her elbow clipped Winston in the face. Winston suffered a 3-cm laceration in the corner of his eye as a result.

“I didn’t know I could be that strong!” said Mandy.

“For the drama and for interest, I took Choy Li Fut lessons. Perhaps I cannot control my own strength.”

Mandy said she has little to no experience in filming fight scenes and will now stay one hundred percent alert when doing similar scenes in the future. She admitted that the incident has left behind a shadow, but she is grateful for the emotional support that the cast had given her.

Winston was sent to the hospital after the accident. In a later interview, he said he has already recovered, adding, “I’m okay! It was just an accident! I didn’t need to get stitches!”

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