Man goes for third nose job to look like Kim Kardashian

7 October 2016 / 7 months 3 weeks ago

How far would you go to look like your idol? Well, this guy certainly went the extra mile.

A man popularly known as the 'male Kim Kardashian' has spent £130,000 on plastic surgery to look like the famous Kim Kardashian West thus far.

Unsatisfied with how his nose turned out, he recently flew to Turkey for a third nose job, reported Uncova.

Jordan Parkes, 24, told the Manchester Evening News: "I showed my surgeon photos of Kim Kardashian as she has the perfect nose. It's taken me three nose jobs but hopefully I have what I want now, as the surgeon warned me that it would not be possible to have any more nose surgery."

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And thanks to Jordan's fame, he often gets huge discounts for his surgery procedures and does not have to pay the full price.

He said: "My lips are amazing now thanks to cosmetic couture in Manchester; they reduced them for me a few months back. I still have filler, but I no longer self inject, I leave it to professionals."

Jordan plans to have upper eyelid surgery next month and said: "My eyes are sagging a bit and I'm really noticing it in my selfies on Instagram."

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