Man enters party with John Cena music, which causes his dad to pour boiling tea on his manhood

26 October 2015 / 1 year 3 days ago

A Reddit user recently posted a story on the site which detailed how using John Cena's music at a party brought him grave misfortune.

Redditor StuFX said that he and his girlfriend stayed 800 miles away from his parents home, as they were in university.

However, since his sisters were graduating, the couple decided to pay them a surprise visit and drove home.

Here's what happened at his home, according to the Reddit user:

"Anyway – last Christmas my dad got a Sonos sound system, which is controlled from smartphones connected to the houses wifi, so everyone has access to it including myself.

"My parents tend to sit and relax to Classic FM and read their kindles together, bless them.

"So we turned up outside and I connected to the Sonos and thought it’d be a good idea to announce our arrival with some music.

"I promptly interrupted their string quartet listening with JOHN CENA’s entrance song with the volume up very loud.

"I thought it was perfect until I entered the house to find it had caused my dad to spill boiling tea onto his lap, scalding his manhood."

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