Man with the 'biggest biceps in Brazil' injects oil and alcohol into muscles

29 August 2015 / 1 year 1 month ago

*Image: Maria Andrade/ Barcroft Media

Meet Arlindo de Souza, the man who officially has the biggest biceps in Brazil, measuring a whopping 73.66cm (29 inches).

However, the immense size of his muscle is not without its risks, reports AsianTown.

The 43-year-old from Olinda, Brazil, injects his biceps with a combination of oil and alcohol -- that can cause infections, amputations or even death.

Arlindo, who is also known as The Mountain, claims that he can get the beefcake look without having to work for it, and admits that he became addicted to getting them as big as possible.

He revealed:

"You inject it and it swells you up without having to work out.

"Each time I took it I wanted more and more. "For me there wasn’t a limit." 

The injections weren’t the only unnatural method Arlindo used —“ he had already been taking steroids, hormones and even horse vitamins to bulk up his body.

But his friend at the gym offered him the new cocktail to get the upper hand on his muscley rivals, and he went on to inject himself three times a week for two months to get his Hulk-like figure.

Browse through the gallery to view more images of his enormous biceps.

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