Man abandons 5,000 calorie-a-day diet, becomes ripped bodybuilder and model

6 March 2016 / 7 months 2 weeks ago

Sebastian David from Burnley was named Keith Lard by his friends because he would spend SGD$274 on Greggs and KFC's every week.

This meant his intake was 5,000 calories a day, reports The Lad Bible.

When he changed his diet and stopped eating takeaways, he dropped from 88kg to just over 66kg.

Sebastian began to eat unhealthily when his dad had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2013.

When his dad passed away the following year he decided to start looking after himself so in turn he could also look after his mother.

"My mum is very proud of me and just happy that I've got out of a place that wasn't great for me.

"She wouldn't care if I was fat or thin or whatever, just as long as I'm happy.

"I didn't set out to compete in bodybuilding or do modelling, I just set out to get my body in shape and feel better but once I got going I kept reassessing my goals," Sebastian said. 

After ditching the fast food the 28-year-old took on a diet consisting of oats, eggs and blueberries for breakfast, chicken, sweet potato and broccoli for lunch, and salmon and white potatoes for dinner.

He also treated himself to snacks of rice cakes and almond butter with fruit, turkey and rice, protein shakes and cottage cheese and nuts.

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