Malaysian 'rich kids' flaunt wealth online -- except they are all posing with the same Audi R8

2 December 2015 / 10 months 3 weeks ago

With the spread of multi-level marketing, forex trading and other get-rich-quick methods, it's not uncommon to see members of such money-making schemes flaunting their supposed wealth on social media.

Members sell dreams of a rich and fabulous lifestyle by posing with supercars, branded bags, luxury watches and extravagant holidays to recruit more people into such organisations.

However, Malaysian netizens are starting to see through all of the fake grandeur.

According to Viral Cham, sharp-eyed internet users have noticed that the same Audi R8 car is featured by different people on social media.

They have come to the conclusion that these images have either been photoshopped or that the members could have pooled money to rent one car.

In Malaysia, a new R8 costs about RM700,000 and a second-hand one would cost about RM500,000.

Netizens have said that it is impossible for these people to have been able to afford such a car within 4 days, as they claim.

Some even remarked, "Even listed company owners cannot buy such a car in that time".

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