Malaysian sex-toy seller harassed on WeChat by perverted customer who asks for 'special order'

18 January 2016 / 9 months 1 week ago

Malaysian Gatita Yan is famous for her beauty but she also operates a sex-store through her Facebook page.

Unfortunately, she recently had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a perverted customer.

The customer made a request to buy a vibrator egg from Gatita via WeChat.

She followed the standard procedure and arranged for the delivery of the product after sending him her bank account number to make payment.

Things took a nasty turn when the customer began asking her if she had previously used the vibrator egg before.

When she ignored him, he requested for her to send him a vibrator egg that had been used specifically by her and to use it more than once.

He even insisted that she not wash or clean the vibrator before sending it to him, saying that he wanted her 'scent' on it.

The Coverage translated the texts as follows:

Customer: You set the location for the meet-up and I’ll come to you to pick it up. Ok?

Gatita: I can only meet around the Setia Alam area

Customer: When can we meet?

Gatita: Which type of cup do you want?

Gatita: Do you know where Setia Alam is?

Customer: I’ll let you know in a bit. Is it in Selangor?

Customer: Have you ever used the vibrator before? I want one that’s been used by you before.

Customer: Eh, have you ever used the vibrator before? Before we meet up, can you use it again? And don’t wash it.

Gatita: *Sends Bank Account Number*

Gatita: Please notify me once you bank in the payment

Customer: Okay

Customer: Have you used the vibrator before?

Customer: I want one that’s been used by you before

Gatita: Please notify me once you bank in the payment

Having conducted her business for a while, Lee was used to this kind of harassment and continued to ignore his requests.

However, she soon became annoyed with him and decided to teach him a lesson by posting screenshots of her conversation with him in WeChat to her Facebook profile that is followed by over 80,000 users.

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