Malaysian actress says actor 'suddenly jumped on her' when filming intimate scene

24 March 2016 / 7 months 2 days ago

New Malaysian actress Brandy Chia had earlier worked on the new film BULLY (SI AK JEH). As one of the leading actresses, she played a cool alien in the film.

"In the story, a girl was under too much pressure in Hong Kong and started to hallucinate. Later, she gained alien powers, which made her kill.

"I played the alien, a cold character that doesn't say much. This character of course wasn't like playing a normal person. First, the director asked me to not to smile too brightly. I had to smile a little unnaturally so I had to grasp that well.

"The most memorable was kissing a girl. When we kissed, we were too soft. Originally it was just a peck, but later the director asked how could we kiss and not move." 

She also revealed that she worked with an actor on a love scene, reports Hktopten.

When asked if she was tempted, she said, "Originally, I probably would in a love scene, but at the time the actor's husband was present so it was much more awkward. However, since everyone knew each other, we were fine! Before the shoot, we didn't really rehearse. During the shoot, he suddenly jumped on me. After getting intimate I let go too."

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