Louis Cheung doesn't mind Kevin Cheng lying on his wife Kay Tse in new drama

22 April 2016 / 6 months 1 week ago

New TVB series, Blue Veins featured a recent episode where Kevin Cheng was injured and lying on top of co-star Kay Tse.

Kevin's girlfriend Grace Chan was asked if she minded watching the scene and said: "It's only acting, I don't really mind it. It will become a big issue if I am unhappy."

Kevin will be having a kissing scene with Kay in an upcoming episode and Grace was asked if it would make her uncomfortable, reports Asian E-News Portal.

"It does not really matter. I had a kissing scene with Ruco Chan in Captain of Destiny and I felt embarrassed when watching it together with my mother, but she said it was acting only."

Kay's husband Louis Cheung was asked if he minded Kevin lying on top of his wife and said: "I watched it and they acted very well. They were very professional and acted in movie before. I will definitely support her."

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