Notice anything unusual about this beautiful Japanese girl?

18 October 2015 / 1 year 6 days ago

At first glance, Saya looks like your average Japanese schoolgirl.

However, there is something unique about her - she isn't real.

These incredible images are actually computer generated, showing off the latest in computer animation techniques.

She is the creation of Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa are a husband-and-wife team of freelance 3D computer graphics artists from Tokyo, reports Daily Mail via Asian Town.

They posted the images online, and have since seen them reposted thousands of times as people trying to answer the question of whether they are photographs of a real person or not.

The pair, who are known within the computer graphics industry for their lifelike work, created her in their spare time.

Ishikawa is also making armour and other types of equipment for the Saya project.

"Since we've been working on this between jobs, it's been somewhat hard," Ishikawa told gaming site Kotaku. "We're going to give it our best when making it."

The hardest part, they said, was achieving the moist, soft and translucent skin. In fact, Yuki says they are still improving the model, and hope to improve both the skin and hair.

She was created using a series of 3D modelling tools including Matya, often used for film effect. They also hope to bring her to life in a self produced film.

"This character 'Saya' is a being created as a CG character for the self-produced movie," they revealed in a tweet. They also said that for the film, she will receive an upgrade - and armour.

Photos 1 to 7 show Saya, while the rest show other doll-like people.

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