Lisa Chong says she does not mind seeing Mat Yeung's naked body when helping him shower

9 July 2016 / 3 months 2 weeks ago

Actress Lisa Chong attended her good friend Chin Kingfung's fans meeting session and was asked about her boyfriend Mat Yeung getting injured when filming a series.

Asian E-News Portal reports that she replied that Mat was currently resting and said: "Hopes he will recover quickly and I forbid him to wander around.

"He wishes to resume filming when reading scripts at home but I want him to have a good rest.

(Does Mat take the chance to propose marriage to you?) "It is inappropriate to say this now."

Asked if she will help Mat to to take a shower as he had difficulty in walking, Lisa said: "He can take a shower by himself.

(If he wants you to help him?) I do not mind but feel slightly embarrassed though."

The reporter then made fun of her that she saw his whole body, Lisa did not deny it and say: "It is another matter."

She emphasised she did not scold him when Mat filmed the action scene personally: "I understand and some scene look nicer when filming it personally.

(Look at his wound?) I see it after his wound is stitched"

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