'Lion Moms' actress Bernice Liu could have lost one of her beautiful eyes this year

11 October 2015 / 1 year 2 weeks ago

Bernice Liu and Elanne Kong were seen attending a name brand purse's event function recently. 

During a recent eye examination, Bernice found out her left eye has symptoms of retinal detachment and immediately said she needed to have an eye operation. 

Bernice said:

"I regularly have eye examinations every single year. The examination usually lasted about an hour but this year it took three hours.

"The doctor told me my left eye has retinal detachment. So I was immediately admitted into the hospital for a surgery because I could go blind. Since I just had my surgery, I could not fly for 3 weeks.

"That's why I spent my first Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong this year. My eye actually still hurts right now."

See more photos related to the article in the gallery below. 


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