Lee San San causes a stir after announcing intention to sell her Miss Hong Kong tiara

11 June 2016 / 4 months 2 weeks ago

Former Miss Hong Kong, Lee San San (李珊珊) has been leading a low-profile life in recent years but the announcement of selling her tiara (Miss Hong Kong Pageant) has become the hottest topic in town suddenly.

Although San San shared a photo of herself wearing a mask and looking energetic on June 4, her personal life continues to have disturbances, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Five days ago on Weibo, San San left a message that she would pursue legal action if any photos showing her house was released without her permission.

She wrote, "I will not hesitate to take legal action if any personal information or photo of my house or near the surrounding is released without my approval. Thank you for your cooperation."

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