Late Anita Mui's friends 'at war' over belongings auction

23 December 2015 / 10 months 4 days ago

Friends of late Hong Kong music legend Anita Mui are at opposing viewpoints after some encouraged people to bid for her belongings in an auction -- and others are completely outraged.

According to Jaynestars, Dec 30 marks the 12th anniversary of music legend Anita Mui‘s death.

However, unlike previous years where memorials and concerts were held in memory of the late singer, friends and fans were instead surprised by the online auction hosted by HSBC Trustee, the administrator for Anita’s estate.

Anita’s personal belongings were posted online to be auctioned from Dec 10 to Dec 22. The proceeds are designated to go towards the living expenses of the singer’s mother, 92-year-old Tam Mei Kam.

Anita had set aside a monthly allowance of $70,000 HKD to take care of her mother‘s living expenses. Despite this, Mother Mui was evicted from her apartment after failing to pay rent for six months in April.

Many of Anita’s trophies were up for bid, including the award she won in 1982 for TVB’s New Talent Singing Competition, a victory that successfully launched her career in the music industry.

However, many friends and fans were enraged to discover that some of Anita’s most personal belongings, such as her undergarments, were also placed online to be auctioned.

As one of Anita’s closest friends, Eric Tsang advocated for Anita’s friends in the entertainment industry to bid for all of the items in order to properly preserve the last of Anita’s memories and to avoid such situations from recurring.

Singer Andy Hui, who was one of Anita’s pupils, urged fans not to participate in the auction and bid on the personal items.

Andy voiced his anger, “It was handled very wrongly. Hopefully there will be a way to resolve this.”

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